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  • 23/12/2020

[Sad news] XRP price fell 24% in 24 hours due to delisting of the exchange Cryptocurrency exchange "Binance" plunged 41%

XRP(Ripple)Prices plunged 24% in 24 hours as the exchange delisted XRP(Ripple)Price is Binance in the last 3 days(Binance)Crashed by 41% in the price of one of the world's most valuable crypto assets after the US Securities and Exchange Commission's proceedings against Ripple were revealed、Some exchanges already have XRP(Ripple)The news of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's proceedings against Ripple has come to light、XRP(Ripple)Price is Binance in the last 3 days(Binance)It fell 41% above and crashed, according to CoinMarketCap、The value of XRP tokens has fallen by more than 42% in the last 24 hours、It has fallen by more than 63% from its high of $ 0.76 over the last 30 days and is now only $ 0.25.、Some small exchanges already have XRP(Ripple)Not being able to trade will incur significant losses for forex traders and forex traders so far、3Two Small Cryptocurrency Exchanges-OSL(OSL)、Beaxy Exch […]

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