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Curation media site "World cryptocurrency / virtual currency portal site"
The blockchain comprehensive information site "World Cryptocurrency / Cryptocurrency / New International Digital Currency Global Portal Website" is loved by everyone on the World Wide Web. Follow-up to social networks (SNS), site links, buzz, all Share-free. This global site (International Space Station) is supported by traders and influencers all over the world and spreads internationally by word of mouth.

The bit coin? A block chain?

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a Peer-to-Peer-type payment network or crypto-asset based on an open source protocol using public transaction logs.

> Crypto Currency Curation Site

Crypto Currency Curation Site

"World Virtual Currency / Cryptocurrency / New International Digital Currency Global Portal Website"

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Major virtual currency brand, name, type, feature, rank, rate of change, liquidity, price, purchase method, market capitalization, real-time chart, supply volume as a comprehensive news site for crypto assets and a global information transmission base (global site)・ Ranking etc Blockchain technology / technology, news / columns / topics / articles useful for trading / buying and selling digital currencies, information sharing and viral dissemination to people all over the world as a news site of all cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrency / Cryptocurrency International Global Portal Site
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