Bitcoin is already "digital gold"

Has Bitcoin already become "Digital Gold"?

Is Bitcoin already established as "digital gold"?

recently、Bitcoin is often called "digital gold"

Bitcoin、Being an asset class that is not tied to a specific country or region、Due to similarities such as issuance restrictions、It has been said by some layers that it is "similar to gold"

However、From the intensity of price fluctuations during the bubble period、Not widely accepted、Was forgotten

However、Recently, the word "digital gold" has appeared in major media.

In the background、Due to the spread of the new coronavirus、Perhaps the value of crypto assets that are not tied to a particular country or region is being reassessed.?

2020year、The spread of the new coronavirus、It has changed our lives in an unprecedented way.、I've never seen it before

2020From mid-February、Due to risk-off movements concerned about the impact of coronavirus on the real economy、The stock market has fallen into a tail spin

afterwards、2020With the World Health Organization (WHO) issuing a pandemic declaration on March 11, 2014、The flow is getting stronger、The stock market crashed

Also、Concerns over the long-term spread of the coronavirus and intensifying friction between the United States and China、2020On July 27, 2014, the dollar index showing the value of the US dollar against multiple major currencies hit a low for the first time in about two years.、Gold and Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed

Bitcoin is already "digital gold"
Bitcoin is already "digital gold"

Why is Bitcoin (BTC) called "Digital Gold"?

The reason is、Bitcoin has been modeled on gold since its design、Because it has characteristics that are more like gold than currency.

Also、Because many price movements similar to gold were seen at the recent coronation、Bitcoin has come to be called "digital gold"、Bitcoin's name recognition has risen

Dollars and euros、Legal tender such as yen、Whereas central banks and governments issue with policy intent、Bitcoin is like gold、There is a maximum amount that can be found

Also、Bitcoin is not directly affected by the monetary or fiscal policies of any particular country

For example、In countries such as Argentina and Egypt、Bitcoin trading volume is skyrocketing

this is、Because we consider crypto assets such as Bitcoin to be relatively safer than our own currency、Because we are paying attention to crypto assets not only as an "investment" but also as an "asset".

It will be only a matter of time before Bitcoin (BTC) becomes "digital gold".

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